The checking fixtures and tooling manufactured by ALLIO ROMANIA are needed in various branches of industry:

Checking fixtures Small and medium-sized plastic partsChecking fixtures Large-sized plastic partsChecking fixtures Metal parts (pressed, cut, curved, bent, welded)Checking fixtures Glass partsChecking fixtures Welded assembliesChecking fixtures Plastic parts assembliesLIGHTING tooling : headlamps / tail lamps / different type of lights
Dimensional checking fixtures
Other type of fixtures, testing tools : vibration / photometry / ……
Simple layingGauges, control lig, Go-No Go, measurement sheets …Test frames (wear, breakdown, vibration… )Welding and assembly meansForming tools (Aeronautics), curving tools, cutting toolsConventional manufacturing of drawn partsAll crimping tools parts (out of the matrix / foundry and machining)Manufacturing parts according CAD files3D control and adjustment services
Verification / Parts measurements
Back into compliance
Modifications : + Reactivity
Special machines in collaboration with partner companies
(If the performance exceeds 50% of project management, suggestion to contact and place the order to ALLIO ROMNIA’S PARTNER)
Various studies
Mold drawing
Digitalization of drawings
3D reassembly